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Meet other parents of bilingual children

About the Network

Did you know that your journey raising bilingual children will be more successful if you socialise with other parents who are in a similar situation?  

You can not only exchange ideas of what worked for you, you can also build a local community of other minority language speakers around your children. This will play a great part in your success of raising a bilingual child. 

(Source: Leist-Villis, Anja: Elternratgeber Mehrsprachigkeit. Stauffenburg Verlag, 2016)

What to expect when you join?

✨ New contacts and friends in each of your minority languages

🐱‍🐉 Meet other parents with children of the same age

🐱‍👓 Engaging content bloggers, podcast hosts and influencers

🐱‍💻 Events and playgroups for your children (coming soon)

🌹 Test online classes for your children (only for German at the moment)

Meet the podcast host Heather Koziol in the network!

Meet bilingual blogger Amy in the network!  

And follower her posts on tested and liked resources and activities for her trilingual children.

Free trial session for bilingual children

 German bilingual children can join free Early Musical Development taster sessions with musical therapist Nadine.  


Join free network events 

The German arts and craft blogger Kirstin Kleinert is hosting regular arts and craft events for children 4+years

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